Teeth Whitening

Revive Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions

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Professional-Grade Teeth Whitening Offers Bright Results

Your desire for whiter teeth has probably led to many disappointing treatments using over-the-counter products that may or may not be safe. Instead of wasting dollars and potentially causing harm, invest wisely in your next teeth whitening solution. In-office and at-home dental grade tooth whitening treatments are not only effective, but they work rapidly. Get a dazzling smile today with the help of our team!

The Magic of Teeth Whitening


Solve Common Issues With Teeth Whitening

  • Yellow coffee, tea, soda and other stains
  • Age stains
  • Nicotine-based stains
  • Dark spots and splotches
  • Discoloration between teeth

Is Now the Right Time for Tooth Whitening?

  • You have a special event in your near future
  • You are embarrassed about discolored, stained teeth
  • You feel like your teeth make you look older
  • Your family and friends keep urging you to get your teeth whitened
  • You have tried over-the-counter tooth whitening products with little results
  • You have tried natural, at-home remedies without any real results

Try In-Office and Professional Whitening Systems

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to get whiter teeth when you work with our dentist. Our office provides both in-office tooth whitening services, as well as take-home systems. Each treatment method works safely and comfortably to get you the results you want. Why wait to get all the cosmetic and confidence advantages that come with feeling better about the way that you look?


Visit Dr. Adrian Avram today to learn more about revolutionary teeth whitening treatments available only at dental offices.

Call us to make an appointment and rediscover your beautiful, bright smile! Remember that regular patients are guaranteed tooth whitening for life, one of the many benefits of becoming part of the Tuckahoe Family Dentistry team.

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