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Modern Dentures Allow for a Complete, Functional Smile

Adults around the nation who are missing teeth often feel like they are also missing out on the advantages that come from a complete, functional smile. They crave something more than a future of worrying about what they can eat, and how they look. Today’s dentures differ from those of the past, offering a far more customized and precise option to provide a stable and natural-looking smile.



Contemporary Dentures Remove Barriers Caused by Missing Teeth

  • Dentures allow you to eat more foods than before, broadening your ability to eat many of the foods you love but have had to avoid
  • Dentures today have a lifelike construction that mimics the normal placement and appearance of natural teeth
  • Dentures restore your confidence and enable you to feel better at work and in social situations
  • Dentures help you articulate your words, allowing you to be more easily understood during conversations
  • Dentures add volume to your cheeks and lips, giving you an instant “facelift” effect

Work With a Trusted Dentist for Exceptional Dentures

You and our skilled dentist, Dr. Adrian Avram, will work as partners to ensure you get the best dentures for your situation. We will take a mold of your mouth, which may be done using specialized 3D software. Your customized dentures will be crafted from this information, and made to perfectly fit your bone structure. When you get your new dentures, you may need a few weeks to get accustomed to the way they feel. In time, your dentures will feel like a part of your body, and will give you the freedom to embrace life without limits.

Are you a candidate for a consultation to discuss dentures?

  • You are missing a row of teeth
  • You are tired of having problems eating and speaking
  • You experience embarrassment because of your missing teeth
  • You feel like you look older than your age because you do not have teeth
  • You have thought about getting dentures but have never made the call


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