Cavities and Fillings

Early Cavity Detection Can Save Your Smile

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Protect Your Teeth with Composite Fillings

Cavities can be obvious after a period of time left untreated, but in their initial stages, they are almost undetectable. You may feel nothing despite the formation of a cavity. The longer a cavity, or tooth decay, is allowed to eat away at your tooth, the greater your risk of complications like the need for a dental crown, pain or the development of gum disease. This is what makes early detection and remedies including composite fillings essential.



Composite Fillings Are Designed to Look Natural

Today, advanced dentists like Dr. Adrian Avram prefer composite fillings to traditional amalgam options. When a cavity is discovered, laser equipment can be used to comfortably remove the areas of decay. Then, a composite filling is created using high tech computer mapping software that precisely measures the size and shape of the composite material. A filling can be made in about an hour, and will fit naturally with the rest of the teeth thanks to its tooth coloration.
Composite fillings:

  • Mimic the shape and color of your other teeth, so they blend in.
  • Are functional. You never have to worry about taking special care of them.
  • Do not leave a metallic taste in the mouth, and are better suited for those with metal allergies or sensitivities.
  • Form a strong bond with your teeth, making it unusual for them to fall out or chip.

Regular Dental Appointments Keep Decay From Destroying Teeth

Your relationship with your dentist should be one built around trust and individualization. At our office, we give each patient special attention, including a thorough examination of any places we feel could lead to cavities. When you make and keep appointments every six months, you provide the dentist with the ability to discover and fill cavities early.


If you think you might have a cavity, please call us now for an appointment.

Waiting only gives the cavity more opportunity to destroy a healthy tooth.
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